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Triumph Over Your Enormous Fears,Phobias – Nothing is 2 Impossible


Remember, when we were toddlers?

Oh, that was such a long time ago

Yes, indeed it was a long, long time ago

How did we learn to walk? win over that fears?

Your parents have constantly told you that you learnt to walk by holding their hands.

We fell down umpteen number of times, but did we give up?



Because we were not aware of any inner demons lurking within us

Neither were we scared of any failures

We fell down numerous times, but at long last, eventually we learnt to walk

First by taking the support of either our mom or Dad and later independently all by ourselves.

Finally, we won

No Insecurities, No Fears, No Inner Demons lurking within us

Then, we were toddlers

Now, we are grown adults

So, the key here is Try, Try and keep on trying till you conquer, and eureka, you Succeed.

Many of us are scared(have the fears) of even trying.

We are scared of any change & anything new happening in our lives.

We are scared to walk down unknown paths.

 Due to lack of confidence, we give up.

Basically, we are scared of failure.

Of our near and dear ones telling us, I told you not to go ahead with that idea

But,when you win, letโ€™s be honest, the same people will come back and tell you, I told you, all that you  had to do  was try, and see, you won.

The honest truth is your confidence in yourself won the day.

Practice makes perfect of your fears?

Practice makes you perfect

When we first made chapatis for the first time, the shape was never round and perfect for our moms.

But, we were told, practice makes perfect.

Not to give up

And, Lo and Behold, after constant practice, we now make perfect chapatis or Indian rotis

And, we can now pass on the art of making rotis and chapatis to our children, and they, in their turn, will pass on the same art to their children and so on and so forth.

Is education only obtained from what we learn in schools and colleges?


Education is an on evergoing process

Learning is not only from books, educating ourselves will continue to happen till we are old and we are willing to learn

Our parents did not know how to handle mobiles because they were used to making phone calls  via that old instrument, yes, that telephone instrument invented by the Great  Mr.Alexander Graham Bell.

the Vintage telephone

Maybe, our parents were slow learners, in comparison to the young generation of today whose grasping skills are very fast, but eventually our parents and their generation did eventually catch up.

Do you know many of the comedy reality shows that we watch on television today get their ideas from observing real life experiences and which are later converted and presented into comedy for the audience to watch

So, thatโ€™s it

Learning is from the world around us

Learning is from being good observers

Learning is from our own life experiences 

But, if, we close our minds, learning will never, never happen

Only, If we keep our minds open to learning and the will to learn, will learning happen

Adapting your mind to new ideas and thoughts has to be present in all of us

Else, we continue in life with the same age old patterns and routines.

Keep your mind open

Earlier travel from one place to another was via bullock carts and horse carriages and prior to that walking from one place to another was the only mode of travel

What happened?

Aeons of Aeons of time was spent in commuting from one place to another

Then came the vehicular movement of cars, buses, etc

Railways happened

Planes Happened

Ships happened

And, Today Space Travel is also happening

Can you even imagine, travelling via a horse carriage or a bullock cart?

Oh my God, are you crazy even to think of such an idea.

That is the general reaction.

Agreed, we cannot go back to the old modes of travel but we can keep our minds open for future modes of travel because more change is around the corner

Soon, Artificial Intelligence is going to rule us

All those mobile assistants we see in our mobile phones are nothing but due to artificial intelligence.

Cars without drivers.

Are you Scared? Do you have a fears?

But this is soon going to happen in the near future

So Gear yourselves for the new changes edging in, smile and accept and adapt yourselves to the new changes.



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