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The Enormous thoughts of Daily Life – Change is Inevitable(000)

The Thoughts of Daily Life

Ever wondered about the basic thoughts of daily life?

All of us are struggling for food,clothing and shelter in our daily life

These are everybody’s basic needs in life.

When we enter this world, our basics are provided to us by our parents as we make our entry empty handed into this glorious,huge,wide world.

All our needs  of food,clothing and shelter are given to us by our parents,but,in other cases, we are not fortunate enough, sometimes, by foster parents,orphanage homes etc.

During our childhood days,we do not think about arming ourselves with skills and knowledge to face the world which we will ,when we become adults and have to manage in life by ourselves.

When we are young and during our childhood days,we only think about enjoying life by playing games,reading and  pursuing other hobbies

During our growing up years ,if we are fortunate to be born into a decent and good family,our parents send us to school to educate us.

Later,if we show a keen interest in our academics ,either our parents send us to college for a graduate degree or we work and make money by ourselves in order to make our way in this world armed with our graduate degrees.

So, the big question here is the huge competition we face in the mad rush to make money in order to move ourselves up the social ladder?

Are we equipped with the right combination of skills and knowledge in order to achieve whatever targets we have set ourselves out to achieve.

The key skill required here is Discipline in our daily habits.

Are we reading the newspapers daily,finding out facts about the celebrities and companies who have made  huge successes in today’s day and age in order to imbibe and glean how our role models in life have achieved their targets.

Remember, if we are not ready to brush up our skills in whatever fields or areas we are interested in,we shall find ourselves in a big rut /standstill in life.

Change is inevitable and we have to keep up with the pace of the changing world.

How do we do that?

By constantly brushing up our skills in all areas of life,wherever required.

Today’s world is digitalised and if we do not learn how to adapt ourselves in this digital world,we will get left behind in the race .

They say follow the leader

Tell me, does the shoe fit

Whatever ideas you are trying to follow by reading up about your role models or celebrities etc, are they  apt and suitable to follow in your daily and personal life.

Once again,does the shoe fit if applied in your life.

All of us chase dreams ,but,very few ,emerge successful.


Are we determined,persevering enough to chase our dreams all the way.

Not everybody has the ability to do so.

But,never say never should be the motto

Don’t give up,come what way,and success is sure to be yours.

Read motivational books,watch you tube videos about motivation,watch ted Talks about motivation.

We sure are lucky today to live in today’s technological world where with the click of the mouse,the big gigantic world of the internet is at our feet.

Type a few key words in the google search bar and we have a variety of choices cropping up.

Pick  and choose  from the variety and apply it in our lives .

If that does not work,go back to the variety and pick another choice in whatever area of field you are researching.



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The Enormous thoughts of Daily Life – Change is Inevitable(000)

The Daily Life thoughts depict the real life basics which we do know about but forget that in our daily course of life , do we ever wonder about the basics?

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